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We work with STOPSO and are qualified to deliver their COFRA 121 16 session model.   This is a compassion focussed approach to working with people who are at risk of behaving in a sexually harmful way in order to help them stop acting out, reduce the risk to society and therefore reduce the number of victims.

The COFRA model recognises that limited support is available for people who have, or might, commit sexual offences.  We can work with people who are at risk of offending or who are concerned about their behaviour, non-offending paedophiles, those who have been cautioned, charged with or convicted with a sexual offence and those who are fearful of re-offending.

We also work with partners and families to help them come to terms with being related to a sex offender.

This therapy may be useful if:

  • You are worried about your thoughts and need help dealing with them.
  • You worry that your behaviour may escalate.
  • You feel on the brink of committing a sexual offence.
  • Other people may be at risk.
  • You are suffering from stress, low self-esteem, depression or isolation.
  • You are abusing alcohol and/or drugs in an attempt to cope.