What clients have said about us.

“I came for counselling at a time when I felt hopeless. I felt scared and alone, but my therapist really helped me feel hopeful about the future again.”


“I never realised how helpful it would be to tell someone – in my case, a therapist – exactly what it’s like to be me. I felt completely accepted and free to just talk.”


“We had couples counselling with BCC after some friends recommended the organisation to us. Honestly, we both started the counselling feeling as though nothing could help save our relationship, but here we are, six months later and we’re still together, feeling much happier. Counselling can be hard as you’re encouraged to be really honest with each other, but our therapist helped us to communicate without it turning into a blazing row or becoming silent with each other. We’d recommend BCC, definitely.”


“I have been going through some massive life changes and was finding it hard to ask for help from my family and friends. I didn’t want them to worry about me or tell me what to do, so I started therapy instead. It really helped me to know that I could say anything to my therapist and to let them get to know the “real me”, not just the public, smiling, joking front I used to put on. It helped me a lot.”


“I had been struggling with a close bereavement for months when I started having therapy at Bedford Community Counselling. My sense of loss and grief was so huge I didn’t even know where to start, but my counsellor just let me talk. I’d been concerned that I would be boring or annoying if I talked about the same thing over and over, but my therapist was really reassuring and kind, and I felt completely accepted and supported.”


“I wasn’t sure if counselling would help as talking has never really been something I’ve liked to do. My counsellor was patient and understanding, and I began to realise that I have a lot to say! It made a difference talking to someone who was genuinely interested and wanted to help me.”


“I had my first counselling session with Bedford Community Counselling when I was in my late 70s. It helped me to talk about things that were worrying me and that I didn’t want to burden my family with. I had never had therapy before, but a friend recommended BCC to me and I decided to give it a try. I’m glad that I did.”


“I had therapy with BCC after a traumatic incident. I felt safe with my therapist and was able to come to terms with what had happened and start to live my life again. It was life changing.”